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Do you want to bRECOGNISED?

bRECOGNISED is a new clothing store in Northampton (Gold St Mews, opposite Millenniums.) It is open 11-8 everyday.
This brand supports upcoming fashion designers & artists by stocking their pieces.
I love the concept of this store. They haven't chosen to stock brands we've already heard of, they've decided to support upcoming designers and artists out there.
If you are local, or visiting in and around the area, Have a little visit as this store sounds very promising.

The store not only debuts fresh fashion labels, they also have artwork up in the shop drawn and designed by new artists which is such a great idea. 
They are very affordable with items ranging from £10-40. 
This independent boutique has something special for both Men & Women. With its quirky decor (T-shirts in floating frames) & fabulous layout (clothing out on snooker table), I think it'll do very well.
I love supporting brands like this one as not only have they opened their own store, they have decided to help and support others and assist them to bRECOGNISED!

Good luck to bRECOGNISED! I cannot wait to shop there.
 You can follow this store on Twitter @b_recognised.
Lotsa love Leesh of UnLeeshd x x x


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