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Hair Oils - Affordable & Oh, so Fabulous.

From reading certain blog posts and magazines, it seems that people are being "mugged off" a little. 
I don't doubt that certain hair oils out there on the market aren't good for the hair because I'm sure some are. 
However, there are some amazing oils out there that have been around for decades.

I've been using oils from the Vatika range for over a year now. 
They are very popular with people with Afro-Caribbean hair and Asians.
The Vatika range has been out in India & Pakistan since I was a kid. I remember so many of their adverts.

Since growing my hair so long, I've found the need to go above & beyond for my hair. Its in great shape at the moment and I thank this range for it.

I've gone through most of the coconut oils and I'm now trying the Almond one which has been great so far and smells lovely. 
A little bit like baby powder.. I love that smell.

These oils range £2-5.

It angers me a little when I know people are spending a good £15+ on a hair oil. I pay £3 for a 200ml bottle. It lasts ages too!
Vatika is available in nearly all Asian and Afro Caribbean supermarkets. 
I highly recommend them to you.

Lotsa love Leesh of UnLeeshd  x x x


  1. OH MY GOD. VATIKA. My love for that bottle of almond oil.. no words. The superdrug near me stocks them now. You go vatika, you werk your little stand in the hair aisle!

    1. That's brilliant! Wish people knew how great these oils were and for the price.. Amazing!!

  2. your hair looks pretty amazing!!!! xx