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Scott Disick 30th Birthday - Kourtney K Fashion

I've always said that if I could relate myself to any of the Kardashian sisters, it would be Kourtney. 
She's a very family related woman who loves motherhood. 
I don't have children yet but I'm a broody little thing and cannot wait to have my own hehe 
I've also said in the past that her fashion style is very similar to my own. 
I've blogged about her style before, I can't fault her.

Last night, the very handsome & beautiful.. YES, BEAUTIFUL ha... (LD) SCOTT DISICK celebrated his 30th birthday.

I looked at Kourtney's outfit in awe.. it's great! She looks very comfortable yet fashionable. 
I hate when I see various celebrities trying to look fashionable just for the paps but you can tell just how uncomfortable they are. 
Kourtney seems to have the " I don't give a.." attitude which is a lot like myself! 

I would definitely wear something similar to this!
Lotsa love Leesh of UnLeeshd x x x


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