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In Love With Fashion.

Scott Disick 30th Birthday - Kourtney K Fashion

I've always said that if I could relate myself to any of the Kardashian sisters, it would be Kourtney. 
She's a very family related woman who loves motherhood. 
I don't have children yet but I'm a broody little thing and cannot wait to have my own hehe 
I've also said in the past that her fashion style is very similar to my own. 
I've blogged about her style before, I can't fault her.

Last night, the very handsome & beautiful.. YES, BEAUTIFUL ha... (LD) SCOTT DISICK celebrated his 30th birthday.

I looked at Kourtney's outfit in awe.. it's great! She looks very comfortable yet fashionable. 
I hate when I see various celebrities trying to look fashionable just for the paps but you can tell just how uncomfortable they are. 
Kourtney seems to have the " I don't give a.." attitude which is a lot like myself! 

I would definitely wear something similar to this!
Lotsa love Leesh of UnLeeshd x x x

Favourite Movie and Song of the Month.

Favourite Movie 
I went to see it last Saturday and OH MY GOODNESS!!

It's got to be..
I won't say too much as I know some people haven't been to see it yet but AHHHHHHH GO GO GO!!!

Song of the Month.

Aashiqui 2 - TUM HI HO

This is a hindi song from a recent Bollywood film and I'm so in love with it. So romantic. 

Lotsa love Leesh of UnLeeshd x x x

Fawsley Hall - Spa day & Afternoon Tea.. YUM!

First and foremost my loves, I apologise for the bad quality of the photos, I left my camera at home and resorted to using my iPhone.

I've heard about Fawsley Hall many times and it's always had great reviews, being local to me, I decided to book myself in for a spa day.
 I had  week off work and decided to visit their website.

They have various special offers, however this one was right up my street.
For £59.95 you receive a 25 minute Neck, Back & Shoulder Massage or a Facial, entry into the gym, indoor pool, outdoor pool and the sauna, followed by Luxury Afternoon Tea.

Honestly, it was the best £59.95 I've ever spent. 
From service to treatments to location, it was simply stunning and oh so, relaxing.
The location itself is so out of the way in the beautiful countryside (Northamptonshire). The inside was just as beautiful.
 I was welcomed by some very lovely and very helpful staff.

I went to change into my gym clothes as I was quite early and adored the changing room. So modern and clean.

I had an hour or so to spare before my massage so I went for a little workout at the beautiful gym. The gym is in a conservatory room which is lovely. 
I am a fitness fanatic and know fab equipment when I see it, the crosstrainer was brilliant compared to the one I use at my local gym, and the treadmills had a built on tele.. WINNING!
Outdoor was a beautiful garden with a waterfall and an outdoor pool. 
In the building just outside of the gym was the indoor swimming pool and sauna.

The staff were lovely and made me feel so comfortable. They showed me the kitchen area and said I was welcome to make as many cups of tea & coffee as I wanted while I was here, they made me feel so relaxed.

As the day went on, I finally got ready for my Neck, Back & Shoulder massage. 
While I waited for my room to be set up, the lovely ladies at Fawsley Hall showed me the relaxation room where they had the comfiest seats and the best of magazines.

The massage itself was relaxing, painful for me as I had many knots.
 I suffer from upper back pain now & again because of work. In the end however, I felt knot free. The spa uses the french brand "Guinot" for most if not all of their treatments.

If this wasn't perfect enough, I then went over to the Tea room at Fawsley Hall. Full of amazing Victorian paintings and kitted out with fabulous furniture, I felt like a Princess for that split moment, I really did. Again, I had the best service from the people that worked in this part of the Hall too.
My eyes popped out of my head when this came towards me haha Chocolate and cherry cake, Macaroons, Banana cream on top of a freshly baked biscuit, a lemon curd tart and fresh scones.

The scones were delicious and so warm and fresh.. they were to DIE for. Very filling!

I had the best day and I was so relaxed all day. So worry free. I HIGHLY recommend this place and I know for a fact in August I will be booking this again for my birthday treat. I'm so glad I went.

Lotsa love Leesh of UnLeeshd x x x