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L'oreal Preference Hair Colour - Deep Red.

SO.. I coloured my hair on Friday evening. I was refraining from colouring my hair this year but I couldn't help myself. 
I tend to get bored of things quite quick and my hair was looking a little boring colour wise.
I chose this L'oreal Paris dye as I fancied trying a different brand out.

I loved the elixir in this box of dye. My hair has never been so shiny! I bought two boxes thinking one wouldn't be enough for my long hair. I covered the all of my hair with only ONE box which is great. I have another box for when I fancy sorting the roots out.
I feel so refreshed having a different colour to my hair :)

Hope you like it!
Lotsa love Leesh of UnLeeshd x x x


  1. love it!! i'm thinking about coloring my hair a deep red too :)

    1. You totally should.. red suits a lot of people x

  2. Aww, that colour looks really amazing! I can't pull off red tones but it looks soo nice on you!
    I wanted to go back to my friend Malcolm to get my hair coloured after I got bored of my ombre he did but he was booked up so I went to another salon, and they turned my hair green. YEP! GREEN! so sometimes its just better to do it yourself at home sometimes!! and what a good job you did too! x

    1. Thanks Kuki! Oh no way? GREEN!!! Thats mad. Hope you paid less than asking price!! x

  3. I like the colour.

    Have a nice day :))