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Liz Earle Make-up Haul.

Since purchasing Cleanse & Polish a fair few times, I've really been intrigued when it comes to this brand.
 I haven't bought any other products from them but I've tried the little testers/samples they send when you purchase from their site. 

I have so much confidence in this brand which is why I recently purchased a few bits from their make-up range. I paid £36 for the Skin Tint and Concealer. The blush came free. (This was their March offer)

Sheer Skin Tint (Beach 03) (£21)

I was sent a little sample of this months ago and it's always been on my list of things to buy. I finally bought it.. It's stunning. It really is. The thick consistency means that the skin stays moisturised for longer. The tint itself makes your skin look healthy and refreshed.
 If you want a substitute to a foundation, something light and great on your skin (SPF15) then this is the perfect purchase.
I know for a fact i'll be wearing this religiously during the summer months and on the morning after the night before ;) I had a night out last Saturday and my skin looked haggered the next day. Popped a little bit of this on and VOILA lol

Light Reflecting Concealer (Med-Dark) (£15.50)

This concealer is meant to add radiance to the eye area. I wouldn't say it's the best concealer I've ever bought as it's not really concealing. 
I'd say it was very similar to the Touche eclat and just as good! It's a great product but for highlighting, not concealing. I'll be using this but not for concealing purposes. 

Healthy Glow Cream Blush (Nude 03) (£16.50)

I've only swatched this so far so I'll review it another day on my cheeks but I love this already. 
The smoothness of the product is cream like but when you pop it onto the skin it goes on like a powder. I love that its moisturising as my skin tends to dry out. I love this blush so far!

Overall, these products haven't disappointed so far. I'd say the skin tint would be something I'd re-purchase.

Lotsa love Leesh of UnLeeshd x x x


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