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Kitoko Hair Oil.

ITS NEARLY CHRISTMAS PEOPLE..& I'm not feeling one bit festive. Ive decorated the house, eaten Christmas cake, made Christmas treats, wrapped presents, even worn my Christmas pyjamas, for some reason it still hasn't kicked into me!
I'm hoping by 4pm tomorrow when I finish work I'll be in the Christmas spirit :)

Some of you might have seen me put a message on my Facebook page yesterday regarding hair oils.
I had my hair cut yesterday as the ends were dead. Long hair is hard to maintain. It was in need of a major maintenance cut.

I asked my hair dresser if she used any hair oils on her customers. She recommended this oil as well as recommending to go to Afro-Carribean stores. She said they sell Coconut and Argan oils which are good for the hair. Being an Indian I know a few good hair oils too but I've always stayed away as some have very strong scents!

What does Kitoko do?
Kitoko contains Karite aka Shea Butter & Argan oil along with Vitamins A & E.
Shea Butter & Argan oil are both good for moisturising. The oil nourishes your hair especially if you suffer from quite dry and frizzy hair.
Long hair is a chore, I won't lie. I blow dry mine everyday and straighten it every other day so mine tends to dry out a lot! It's my fault I know but I haven't got the time to naturally dry it.

This oil sounds good to me. I've literally just tried it out, I won't see much of a difference yet but I will do a second review on this in two weeks time. The formula is very light. Like a serum really, goes onto your hand like a oil and is as lightweight as water. You just put it into the ends of your hair when it's wet/damp :)

I was luckily given this to try out to see if I noticed a difference in my hair. This 10ml bottle itself is £5-6.
The normal sized bottle (95ml) is about £18-20.
I think this very pricey for a hair oil but I've read reviews on this product and a lot of people said when they first saw the price they weren't too sure but after using it for a few weeks they thought it was worth every penny.

Have any of you used any hair oils? I'd love to know as I'm looking to use hair oils a lot now. I want my hair to be as healthy as possible!
Lotsa love Leesh of UnLeeshd x x x


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