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Perfect ways to relax..

Hi guys! Gosh.. what a bloody week it's been & it's only TUESDAY. I apologise for not posting the FOTD's just yet as I have had lots going on. I will be posting this week, thats for sure. I love creating different looks.

It's that time of year.. utter cosiness. You do get a little lazy though, purely for the fact that it gets dark so quick. I know for a fact I can't be bothered to go to the gym these days. I do make up for it at home though.. thank god for my fab treadmill!

Here are a few of my autumn favourites to help me relax over the Autumn/Winter period.

1. Scented Candles.
I am such a big fan of Yankee Candles especially.
Honey & Spice is so beautiful. Perfect scent for the colder seasons. It's so relaxing & the smell lasts ages too.

2. Cookery Shows.

I heard someone say this on a TV show once. (Can't for the life of me remember who said it. )
But they said that they found watching Cookery shows 'Therapeutic' & that it took the "edge right off' when they'd had a bad day.
This is SO true!
I am a massive fan of Nigella. I genuinely believe that I will be just like her when I'm a wife & a mother.
The way she talks about what she cooks and the way she goes about doing it.. She's amazing! I'm actually tempted to buy her book "Nigellisima"
Her food is proper COMFORT food. Yum!

3. Cosy Gear.

There is no better feeling than coming back from a LONG & hard day at work, having a bath & getting into cosy clothing..
My leopord print robe is amazing at this time of the year.. so snuggly.
I recently bought this Hat as well as some leopord print slipper boots from New Look.. LUSH!
I didn't buy the ear muffs on top of the hat, although I am thinking to! Ha!

4. Onto BATHS!

I am a shower girl at heart, I really am. But there's something about candles & a lovely bubble bath that just takes away all your stress & anything negative.
I rarely have baths but I've noticed with the colder weather, I've been leaning towards having baths than showers. Very cosy.

5. THE O.C.

Those Christmukkah episodes are so good, I absolutely love them. Seth Cohen is possibly one of my favourite characters of all time. He's definitely up there with Zac Morris, Phoebe Buffay & King Julien of Madagascar haha

What relaxes you?  
Lotsa love Leesh of UnLeeshd x x x


  1. Brilliant post! Have to agree with all of these apart from the OC... I'm more of a back to back Big Bang Theiry kind of girl :)

    P.s. I'm obsessed with Yankee candles! Xx

    1. haha OH YES! Nothing like a bit of Sheldon Cooper lol x

  2. Ahh I love this post sounds like my life right now! Nothing better than a bath followed by a yankee candle and tv shows in bed. I miss the OC!