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OOTD & FOTD - Simplicity is EVERYTHING!

I saw a poster on the train today, I so wanted to take a photo but some guys head was in the way to be completely honest ha!

It said "What has celebrity culture taught us? .....
The only way is Excess!". I loved this poster!

True for celebrities mostly. I think a lot of us are quite celebrity influenced in thinking we have to do lots to ourselves to get noticed.
My advice to you.. KEEP IT SIMPLE!
You don't have to have the most expensive and extravagent dress on to look good.
You really don't have to have lashings of make up on. I like to keep it simple at all times.

Over the weekend I went out for a gorgeous Thai meal at one of my favourite restaurants "Thai Emerald" for my lovely friends birthday.

I wore..
Purple dress with gold studs - New Look. £10
Black Tights.
Black padded heels (not wearing them here ha!)

Make-up I wore..

Face -
MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation
Collection 2000 - Concealer

Cheeks -
Hoola by Benefit
Peach Melba by Sleek

Eyes -
Avon Palette - Dark Purple eyeshadow
YSL - Shocking Liquid Eyeliner (Black)
Bobbi Brown Gel Pot - Black (bottom eye line)
YSL - Shocking Mascara

Lips -
YSL Lipstick (unsure of name, was a freebie, light pink tone)

I felt good in what I went out in & loved how simple I did my make up.
Simplicity really is everything!
Lotsa love Leesh of UnLeeshd x x x


  1. You look stunning babe. Can't believe the dress is from New Look! Need to hunt it down purely for the stud action, ha! x

    1. Haha I love studs too! Thanks my lovely x

  2. I brought the same dress a couple of weeks ago fo my hubby's birthday.felt so smug cos it was such a bargain hehe.u look gorgeous by the way xxx