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Wella.. My hair does look nice & smooth.

Hey my lovelies.. It's Friday and I'm at home.. chilling! Absolute BLISS.
 I have a nice 5 day weekend. Got so many fab plans to meet friends, eat.. drink.. & Obviously BLOG.. Duh! ;)

Recently, I've been using this product as I noticed my hair was lacking the smoothness and softness it once had. I think it has slowly lost it's shine & healthiness due to the fact that I blow dry & straighten it every other day, which is never good for your locks.

"Intensive Smoothing treatment for luxurious suppleness. Perfectly smooths and controls the hair structure. Detangles, calms and controls the hair structure. Cares for coarse hair and creates suppleness."

I've never really bothered with "Hair masks" before, but I thought i'd give this a go.
I've been using this everyday for about 2 weeks. It has the same feel, texture and consistency of a normal conditioner. It smells of an aftershave which doesn't last so do not panic! The smell fades after you wash it out.

I've been using my normal shampoo which is not a Wella product, towel drying the hair then applying this.
You leave it in for about 5 minutes and then wash it out.

Excuse another mirror photo but I had no-one there to take a photo of my hair for me lol
As you can tell though, it has a smooth & shiny look to it which is down to the mask. It stayed straight this day too which my hair never tends to do.
The mask retails at around £17.
I'm not sure that i'd buy this product again, only because I've used products in the past that have given me a similar look but have been slightly cheaper in price.

Would you spend £17 on a hair mask or continue using conditioners?
Lotsa love Leesh of UnLeeshd x x x

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  1. you hair looks great and I love the outfit! very pretty xx