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50 things about Me.. 11-20

Continuing on from Sunday's post..

11. Daffodils.
I could be having one of the worst days in the world, all it takes is seeing a bunch of Daffodils and I smile.. they are beautiful!

12. Tulips.
My second favourite. Annoying thing is these flowers bloom in the Spring.. The only time I can buy them!

13. Wispa Bars.
I have been going through a massive Wispa Bar phase since about November time. I can't help myself lol mmm. My favourite!

14. Snuggles & Cuddles & Cuddles & Snuggles :)
That feeling :) Snuggles always make you feel better about everything!

15. Gingerbread Latte's (from Starbucks or Costa lol)
They taste amazing, if you haven't tried it, you really need to.

16. Milky Bar Yoghurts
This is my new obsession as of late. I'd tasted them before & thought wow! they are lush. But as of last weekend, I think i've eaten EIGHT of them haha I'm having another one of my phases..

17. Shoes..!!
I'm a typical girl in the sense that shoes are my obsession! I need a pair of Louboutins in my life.. absolutely the most sexiest shoes I have ever seen..

18. Making wishes.
Since I was little i've always made wishes everytime it was my birthday, or if my eyelash falls out, or if I check the time & its 11:11.. Even if they don't come true.. I'll never stop :)

19. Horoscopes.
I'm obsessed with Horoscopes.. Astrology in general really. I'm that obsessed, I refuse to sleep until it has hit Midnight so I can read my horoscope (Daily Horoscope app!) It's ALWAYS accurate!

20. The Coast.
I'm infatuated with coastal areas. One day i want to live right by the coast. I don't care if it's in England.. I love the thought of living by the coast one day.. There's just something really peaceful & relaxing about it.

Hope you enjoyed getting to know me a bit better. Every few days you will learn even more about me :)
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Lotsa love Leesh of UnLeeshd x x x


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