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Amazing, Just the Way You Are..

Yes! For once I'm actually dedicating a post to a MUSICIAN.
I usually dedicate posts to female celebrities who tend to inspire me. But, I was just sitting in my room listening to "It Will Rain" and I thought about this year.. 2011 has been fuelled by music from, the amazing BRUNO MARS.
I've put lots of links to my absolute favourite Bruno Mars tracks. It was so hard trying to pick a few.

Around January time, I purchased Bruno's album "Doo Wops & Hooligans," I've said this before & I'll say it again.. It's easily the BEST album i've ever bought! I got it when I was 21 so I absolutely LOVED the song Somewhere in Brooklyn. Had a bit of a personal feel to it.

Bruno Mars - Somewhere in Brooklyn

I was also going through a bit of a break up at that time too *boo hoo* it was the worst part of this year. So glad I got over it, The song "Talking to The Moon" was my "Feeling sorry for myself" track. It's beautiful.
It still leaves a lump in my throat when I listen to it now, it's crazy how music can take you back to certain times & places and still bring all those feelings back again. Have a listen if you haven't heard it, I'm sure most of you have but if you haven't, I so recommend it!

Talking to the Moon

March time, I went to an intimate gig in Birmingham to see him with a friend. Can't believe I got tickets, they'd Sold out within FIVE minutes. I felt on top of the world when they came through the post =)
We were so close. Ah! Take me back to that night anytime, I was so happy to be there. He honestly is a great, GREAT Talent.

My friend knew how much I was loving Bruno, so she tweeted me a link to a very funny interview. Jonathon Ross had interviewed Bruno when he was 4. He was an Elvis Impersonator lol It's the cutest thing ever. Watch THE LIP ;-)

During the Summer, Just the Way You Are was still playing non-stop on my I-Pod, The lyrics were constantly on my Facebook & BBM Statuses.
I think this song makes every girl smile. It's what we all look for in our boyfriends ay?

Just the Way You Are.

My sis & I absolutely ADORE the song LIQUOR STORE BLUES. Man! This song is such a pick up tune, It's one of those tracks you have to listen to when you've had a crap day at work or when something is just... pissing you off ha!

So catchy too!

My mum now has this album in her car, I cant wait for the new one. #favouritesongof2011 was a Trending Topic on Twitter last week. I obviously tweeted & without thinking twice.. I tweeted " #Favouritesongof2011 Bruno Mars - It Will Rain"

Just when you think this guy can't get any better, he releases something even better, EVERYTIME!
My little sister gets a little annoyed with me when it comes to this track. I'll put it on, then on again and again and again. I must repeat it atleast 15 times everytime I listen to it, It's just one of those tracks. I can't get enough! Also, the fact that it's the soundtrack for Breaking Dawn.. ah.. SCORE!

And also, I'm super JEL of the girl starring in this video (his best video to date in my opinion)
How sexy does he look? Damn Bruno!

Here it is guys, It will Rain. Gets so much LOVE from me.

Thank You, Bruno Mars. Your music has MADE my year!
Lotsa love Leesh of UnLeeshd x x x

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  1. Thanks for sharing this song! Check out a cover of another Bruno Mars song! It's sung by by an eleven-year-old boy named Max Petruzzi!