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Wish List - Birthday Special

Hi loves. I remember doing a summer wish list a couple months ago. Some of which i have actually done :) YAY!
Thought i'd do one for the birthday. UGH! They say, after 21 it all goes downhill lol I'm 22 on Thurs & let me tell you, I am NOT looking forward to it! I know in 10years time i'll be wishing i was in my early 20's again but honestly i can't believe how fast the years are going by. I genuinely feel like it was yesterday when i left school and started college. 

Anyways, there's a few things I want this year. Some stuff I've been wanting to do/buy but just haven't had the time..

1. Take a day trip to London, Go Shopping & just have a lovely day out with my close ones.

2. Finally get my hands on the NAKED Palette. Been meaning to buy this for months & months now, just haven't got round to doing it.

3. Take a trip to the beach :D I LOVE the coast, genuinely one of the places where I have no stresses and nothing deep on my mind. I know for a fact, in a few years (ha) when I'm happily married, a mummy & all old & grey, I'll be living on the coast somewhere! FACT!

4. Go for a night out with my gorgeous mates. Love you! I don't really go out much, i'm like as Khloe Kardashian would say "Like the old woman who lived in a shoe, who had nothing to do!" haha I'm more of a pub gal. But this weekend should be a laugh. Love having my girls around me.

5. I want to munch away on a bajillion CUPCAKES lol I've been working so hard at the Gym, I think i'm entitled to spend ONE day on a major sugar high lol YUM!

6. Receive some GORGEOUS Flowers. I don't know how or why, but Flower's don't half make me smile :)

7. I hate odd number's lol but I can only think of SEVEN things! Last one, is GO KARTING! ha! It look's like so much fun! I can't wait to go this weekend :D

Wish List. Done :)
Lotsa love Leesh of UnLeeshd x x x


  1. love this post! You seem like such a happy person :) I wanna do Go Karting too! I'm 22 next year - hey.. we're still young ;) xx

  2. Hey! Cute blog, I'm now your 100th follower. :)

  3. Thanks dolls..
    Yay! Thank you Sandra :) :) x x

  4. haha i think I would have this exact list!! im 23 in January and feel soooooooo old LOL but we are in our prime! xx

  5. i know exactly how you feel! i was so depressed about turning 21! :( time is going by so quickly!

  6. Ughh! let's keep a smile on our faces ladies lol eeeeeeek x x