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"Emotionally breaking down when you can't figure out what to wear." HAUL!

HAHA! I joined this group on Facebook the second I laid eyes on it! I tend to have a breakdown every time I go somewhere. I'm so BAD at shopping for clothes, I'll always buy bits n bats instead of clothes that actually match with other things I own.

Anyway, I hadn't shopped in just under THREE months (It's a record people!) So I felt the need to make myself feel better.. by spending!

I'm being good money wise, so I went to a few boutique stores today where they ALWAYS have bargains! You know the type of shop..sometimes you go in there and they'll have nothing that tickles ya nuts (ha!) then you go again and you like nearly everything.

This is what I bought today..

Summer Dress.. £15 Belt £7

Flowery Harems.. £13

As my birthday is coming up, I wanted to treat myself to a nice pair of black open toe heels..  i loved these bad boys hehe x x
New Look. £24.99 (Look Grey with Flash)
It felt SO good to be able to buy a few bargains again. I can't believe I went so long without shopping! lol
It also feels good to have the Blog back up & running again!!

Let me know your opinions on my Blog as they always help. 
Lotsa love Leesh of UnLeeshd x x x


  1. I'm glad your back blogging again. I took a break too. Nice haul especially the shoes. You sound like me when it comes to clothes shopping.

  2. Glad your back to blogging again. I love new look shoes and the dress is lovely x

  3. Thank you darlings! The shoes are HOT! i must say lol x x