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That's proper LUSH!

Oh, hello you guys! :) I hope you're having a fabulous weekend.
I really really get excited when I go into Lush, I'm a BIG fan of scented soaps, but the handmade stuff that won't irritate my skin. I'm a bit funny about what I use on my skin, only because its super sensitive.
SO, I took a lil trip to LUSH yesterday to get my absolute favourite soap in the world 'Honey, I washed the Kids'
Honey, I washed the Kids.
If you haven't tried this then OH MY GOODNESS! Get your hands on it as soon as lol The Honey & Toffee scent is soo nice. The scent stays on your body for ages, it really is 'Lush.' I use it on my face & body. It's perfect :)
Its around £3.10 for 100g, it lasts too. So worth every penny!

The honey soap is literally the only thing I ever purchased from Lush, I really fancied trying something different so I bought a gorgeous Sugar scrub 'Sugar Babe' & a Mud scrub 'Glorious Mud'

 This Sugar Scrub is actually really good. You literally wet it, take the wet scrub and rub it into your skin. It's really good for blood circulation & taking all your dead skin off. It feels really rough (Like a scrub should) but because it has Coconut Oil in, it leaves the skin feeling so soo soft.
The photo isn't the original size. I used it twice already lol They cost £2.65 each, The only downside is they don't last ages so its best to a buy a few as oppose to just the one. Also, you'll find that it will get really soft so it's worth storing it in a little pot.

 This 'Glorious Mud' is great. You wet a little bit of it and it fizzes into a soft paste, the scrub works wonders on the skin. You rub it into your skin, leave it for around 5mins, then wash it off. This cost me £3.47, Which is a bargain considering how lovely & clean & soft your skin feels afterwards.

I'm so glad I tried new products by Lush. I'd love to know what your favourites are (although, i'm not a fan of bath fizzers) any other recommendations would be great!
I'm totally in love with these three products and will definitely be buying them again & again!

Lotsa love Leesh of UnLeeshd x x x


  1. Wow, sounds fab! I wish I had Lush here! I really want their bubblegum lip scrub!

  2. I've still got my bar of Honey I Washed The Kids wrapped up unused! oops! :) I'm still using It's Raining Men, so have been debating whether to open it or not. I think I will now ;) x

    Catherine x

  3. they look fab WHYYYYY does my town not have a lush so not fair! Next time im in leeds im stocking up LOL xx

  4. I have Honey I Washed the Kids and it's lovely! Really want to try their scrubs but I hear they don't last too long x

  5. i LOVE honey i washed the kids - it smells AMAZING X

  6. Who doesn't love Honey I washed the Kids? I haven't heard of the Honey & Toffee scent before tough x

  7. the sugar scrub sounds really good, might need to check that out!

  8. I love the honey soup is just divine:)