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In Love With Fashion.

I Love You!

Ok, Ok. The Title of this post is a little out there. But I'm full of love at the moment :)
I love my lovely blog readers, The fact that I was in my second home yesterday (Birmingham), Met THREE amazing friends. Oh & I went to a little gig yesterday, I only went to see Bruno Mars!!!!!! hehe.
Birmingham is just like another home for me, I can't even explain how excited I get everytime I go, especially when I'm going into town. I visited a few of my favourite places yesterday. 
If you haven't been before, PLEASE, go! hehe. Its lovely!
We went to 'The Mailbox' which is a stunning place. Filled with a few stores, a little expensive but I love going into stores like that and checking out shoes & handbags I can't afford haha *Damn!
They also have the most amazing restaurants there too. I love that they have an outside area with a few Bars and Restaurants right by the canal which looks stunning at night.

I had such a Glamorous day, My lovely best friend Munni has started her photography business and wanted me & my friend Radhika to do a little Photoshoot for her. Check her work out here and be sure to book her if you like what you see :) Photography by Munni. It was great, felt like a celebrity being papped everywhere I walked haha x

The front of the building.
The Canal, Bars & Restaurants. Stunning!

I'm a major food lover, hehe as a lot of people know. Some of my absolute favourite restaurants are at The Mailbox. One of them being 'The Oriental' 

The food at this place is To Die for. Amazing. 
Check out the link to see the yummy food.The Oriental website

We visited a lovely Italian restaurant, 'Strada' just for desserts hehe as you do.
Strada website Have a look at just how yummy they look!

Oh, and on top of all of that, I visited a gorgeous store at the Bullring Shopping Centre too. Whose heard of Forever 21? :) hehe. 
I absolutely LOVED it. The clothes are so up my street. They have a lot of stuff for everyones different styles which I thought was amazing. I couldn't leave without picking up a little something for myself *Shopaholic*

It caught my eye straight away, and you can't go wrong at £10.50. Absolute Bargain! I can't wait to wear this gorgeous skirt. I love Teal coloured clothing x

I had a blast yesterday and thought that I would share parts of my day with all you lovely readers.
                                                      I hope you enjoyed this post.
Lotsa love Leesh of UnLeeshd x x x


  1. Love this post! Birmingham is right by where I live so it's nice seeing some familiar places in a blog :) xx

  2. Glad you liked it sweetie :) x x x