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In Love With Fashion.

Who is UnLeeshd?

Hello all! 

Your first thoughts will be.. "What is UnLeeshd?" "Who is UnLeeshd?" So here's a little introduction to my blog. My name is Alisha aka Leesh. I'm 21, a graduate in Education & English Lit.
 I'm in LOVE with cosmetics, especially those by Urban Decay & MAC. I once worked at a department store on Fragrance, so I am OBSESSED with Perfumery :)
 I'm just a typical girly girl.

As this is my personal blog, I will also be blogging about things i'm interested in.. Fashion, Beauty, FOOD!..Anything & Everything. Follow me if you like what you read.

 Lotsa love Leesh of UnLeeshd :) x x x

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  1. Lots of love to you Alish! Your blog is fab!! Can't wait for more posts xx

  2. hey hunny welcome to blogger :)

    i'm following :)

  3. Aww thank you sweetie :) following back! your blog looks amazing! x x x

  4. hello!!!! this looks very posh... i need to make one soon! x

  5. hey, found your blog via twitter, we have so much in common! i started my blog being a job hunting graduate too! looking forward to more :-) x

  6. Aww wow, hehe :) I'm following back hun! Your blog looks amazing x x x

  7. welcoooome :)
    loving the blog gorgeous xxxx

  8. Aw thank you honey! I'm following yours :) x x