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In Love With Fashion.

HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY UnLeeshd!!!

Mwah! Mwah! & another big fat MWAHHHH! to all of you who take your time out to read and comment away on my blog. I appreciate it. Can't believe I started my blog a year ago..
I really appreciate the support, thank you my lil tweeties for always making me smile loads & showing your support on my Facebook page!

Got the cupcakes & bubbly to celebrate hehe!

Thank you once again! Here's to another year!! :)
Lotsa love & mucho cuddles from, Leesh of UnLeeshd x x x

I'm just a LOVE MACHINE!

I know A LOT of my readers are fans of dating shows as most of you tweet about Take Me Out every Saturday night, Move over TAKE ME OUT, Welcome LOVE MACHINE!

Love Machine starts on March 11th on Sky Living. It's another amazing dating show. I've heard and read so much about it already.. very excited!
Chris Moyles & Stacey Solomon will be presenting, Great pair! I love dating shows.. Blind Date was one of my faves as a child. I've always been a little romantic.. I get such a buzz from watching dating shows lol.

The contestants have to choose someone from the wheel above based on JUST their looks.
After being paired up they will have to answer questions as a pair on Sex, Lifestyle & Money to win themselves a holiday away together.
At the last minute however,  contestants can have the choice of ditching their date instead of going on a date with them.. Ouch!

I'm super excited for this show to air as one of my lovely friends will be one of the contestants.. Miss Chanelle Sadie Paul <3 @chanelle_sadie on Twitter.. be sure to tweet & say Hi :)

Keep an eye out, Love Machine, Sunday 11th March, 6pm, Sky Living.. Booom! @TheLoveMachine on Twitter x

Lotsa love Leesh of UnLeeshd x x x

A Year On.. a New Me..

Hello my darlings, I hope you're all well.
One of my lovely tweeties asked me if i'd write up a little something on my fitness/health regime. So here I am, I hope this helps anyone whose looking to do the same as what I did (am still doing)

So, it was exactly a year ago today that I decided to do something about the way I looked, I was a big size 14, and knew that it would only be a short matter of time before i'd have to start buying size 16 clothing. The thought of doing that depressed me, so I started exercising.

During my Uni days, all I ever did was hop from one bus to another & snack on whatever I liked, I hardly ever walked anywhere & I didn't really eat anything healthy.
Think this was the time I put lots of weight on & didn't really bother losing it. I used to wear really loose clothing to hide what was underneath, I hated my size.
I'd joined up to a gym years ago, used it twice and that was the end of that lol

A lot of people say to me "I need to start the gym!" but they say it with the least amount of enthuasiasm, My advice to you..
Do NOT go to the gym if you don't do any exercise on a regular basis. I recommend doing what I did.


I started by WALKING.. I used to go on a long walk atleast 3 times a week.. (40mins)
After a couple months, I started feeling really energised, so I increased it and would go twice a day, a long walk & then a mini walk for about 20 mins.
It's such a great way to get into exercise, it just meant when I started the gym, I wasn't feeling out of breath and unfit!

I used to have to take my inhalers with me wherever I went, at the gym I used to have to take a couple breaks as I was a little out of breath.
A year on.. I can't remember the last time I had to take my inhaler at the gym. I don't get out of breath anymore and a lot of that is due to me increasing my exercise.

I attend the gym atleast 3 times a week.
My routine is..
Crosstrainer.. 20-30 minutes (you don't have to go crazy on it, I don't!)
Treadmill.. 10-15 mins
Spin bikes.. 10 mins (They hurt the girly area though, IT'S TRUE!)
Weights.. 10 mins

Honestly.. I EAT WHAT I WANT! But, luckily I've found that since I got into gym'in, i'm so put off junk food. I haven't cut it out of my diet purposely, I'm just not into it.
Takeaways for example.. I'm not into them anymore but when I get a craving for a Pizza.. or a Kebab.. I buy the damn thing! Don't deprive yourself!
Please don't go on these faddy diets, like Atkins.
Weight Watchers & Slimming World.. fair enough.. they're not bad.
I just don't believe in silly diets where you can't have this, that & the other.
There are days when I'll eat a cupcake or chocolate, & I won't limit myself, i'll eat as much as I want.
My theory is, the more you cut something out of your diet, the more you want it.. So just eat whatever you like, as long as you have a nice balanced diet and exercise well, it's fine.

One thing I tend to hate eating & will only eat if there is NOTHING else to eat is.. BREAD! I'm not a fan of it at all, it makes my stomach bloat like a b**ch!
I'm allergic to rice now too, so pasta & potatoes are the only carbs I really eat.

I don't drink fizzy drinks, I cut them out of my diet when I was 14, never really been a fan. Think the only time I drink fizz is when i'm on a night out, & I hardly ever go out .. What a saddo? lol
I drink lots of water! Very important! & If you have time, drink a mug full of Lemon tea in the morning.. flushes all the rubbish out of your system. (Hot water, lemon, tiniest pinch of salt)
It's gross, but good for your insides.

A year on.. I'm a healthy size 10.. I've done it slowly and I know I can maintain it.
I can't believe how much confidence I have.. A year ago if you'd ask me to go out the house with a dress on, I'd laugh in your face. Nowadays, all I'm ever buying is gorgeous dresses to wear on nights out, I've never felt so good :)
Hope this has helped.
Lotsa love Leesh of UnLeeshd x x x

"If I Should Die This Very Day, Don't Cry, Cause on Earth We Wasn't Meant to Stay.."

Around 3 O'Clock this morning, all I did was check my phone to see what the time was. I then thought to read a random text i'd received. By then I was so wide awake, I signed into my Facebook to see "7 of your friends have posted about Whitney Houston"
My heart just sank as I read the worst news.

I know a lot of you are feeling the same as me, I couldn't & still can't quite get it into my head.

I was born in the late 80s, so I have grown up to her music. I was her ultimate fan. Throughout my teenage years my dad would have such a go at me for taking his Whitney albums & never returning them, lol I was addicted to her voice.

One of the few english songs I actually knew off by heart & absolutely couldn't get enough of was I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU. Listening to this song last night, I had tears streaming down my face. The song just had a whole other meaning.

I've read so many things on social networking sites about her personal life, but not being funny, you might not have a drug problem, but are you perfect? Really?
The ultimate Diva had such an influence on my life. Here are some of my favourite songs..

1. Try It On My Own
"And I am not afraid to try it on my own, I don't care if I'm right or wrong. I've lived my life the way I feel.."

2. My Love is Your Love
"If tomorrow is judgement day, & I'm standing on the frontline, & the Lord asks me what I did with my life, I will say.. I spent it with you"

3. I Have Nothing
"Take my love, I'll never ask for too much, just all that you are & everything that you do"

4. Could I Have This Kiss?
"Over and over I've dreamed of this night, Now you're here by my side, You are next to me"

5. When You Believe
"Who knows what miracles you can achieve, when you believe.. Somehow you will.. You will when you believe!"

6. I Will Always Love You
"Bittersweet memories, that is all i'm taking with me. So, Goodbye. Please, Don't cry. We both know i'm not what you need"

7. It's Not Right, But It's OK
"I'm gonna make it anyway.."

8. Greatest Love of All
"I decided long ago, never to walk in anybody's shadow.."

9. I Wanna Dance With Somebody
"I need a man who'd take the chance.. for the love that burns hot enough to last.."

10. One Moment in Time
"I want one moment in time, When I'm more than I thought I could be, When all of my dreams are a heartbeat away"

Each & every one of these songs are special to me in one way or another & bring back such amazing memories.

Thank you Whitney. I will ALWAYS Love you!
Lotsa love Leesh of UnLeeshd x x x

Love Can Touch Us One Time & Last For a Lifetime..

Welcome to my 3rd and FINAL Valentine's post :) I didn't get a chance to do this last year as I started my blog on Feb 26th 2011, Can't believe it's been nearly a year since I started "UnLeeshd" Best thing I ever done.

For my last post I thought i'd share some of my favo LOVE songs of all time :)
I have so many! Trying to condense these down has been a mission and a half.

10. Eternal - Angel of Mine

This song brings back memories from my childhood. My dad bought me this album when I was a kid. I have it in my collection now, this song is so sweet.

10. Angel of Mine

9. Backstreet Boys - All I Have to Give

"I don't have a fancy car.. to get to you i'd walk a thousand miles..!" Ahhh that line gets me everytime :) I'm seeing these boys in April, this is my favourite BSB song ever, I hope they sing it *major goosebumps*

9. All I Have to Give

8. Brian McKnight - Back at One

Did any of you watch "My Wife & Kids" as a teen? I swore by that show, I've loved this song ever since "Michael & Jay" had him sing at their wedding. His voice is so beautiful.

7. Robin Thicke - Lost Without U

Possibly one of the most SEXIEST tunes ever? Enough said.

7. Lost Without U

6. Celine Dion - The Power of Love
There are so many covers of this song, but I bloody love this one. Classic. I've grown up listening to Celine Dion, my Mum is an absolute fan, So she HAD to be in my Top 10!

6. The Power of Love

5. John Legend - Ordinary People

I can't even explain how much LOVE I have for this song :) Legend indeed.

5. Ordinary People

4. N*Sync - This I Promise You

"I've loved you forever and lifetime's before & I promise you never, will you hurt anymore" D'aww :)

I've always said that if/when I get married, THIS would be my first dance song, everytime I listen to it, without fail, it has me in tears, but happy tears. It's too beautiful :) Major love for this song.

3. Bruno Mars - Talking to the Moon

Man! This song is very near & dear to me as I mentioned in my Bruno Mars post (December)
I related to this song so much this time, last year. Stunning.

2. Westlife - Flying Without Wings

*GOOSEBUMPS* Wedding dance song number TWO! ha! I love this song so much!

2. Flying Without Wings

1. Bryan Adams - Everything I Do

There's a reason why this song has had "58,488,331" views on YouTube (so far!)
Worthy of being my Number 1.

1. Everything I Do

Hope you enjoyed this post guys. I've missed out so many more of my favo songs but I literally have about 200 favourite Love songs lol (Total Romantic!)
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Lotsa love Leesh of UnLeeshd x x x